1. List the educational, professional and community experiences that prepare you to be a city councilor.

I have worked with many organizations, animal shelters, homeless, elderly, YMCA, girl scouts, and church groups. Many would never remember me as I was the background worker, the supplier of water, food, or support for others. I worked diligently to save Tower Park, organizing a watermelon feed to make the neighborhood aware that the park was on the chopping block. I have studied the Council's action toward the mayor. I helped spear head the No Recall efforts, standing on street corners, knocking on doors, and posted yard signs. I want to go Back to the Basics and get Stillwater once again moving forward and into the future, with a plan in place to do so.

2. Given Stillwater's current budget constraints, what are your priorities?

Stillwater has found itself in dire need of resuscitation. We have spent money we did NOT have, while spoon feeding organizations that were failing year after year. Our bucket has too many holes with money flowing out. We must stop the outflow, while we formulate the correct way to fund the true needs, allowing each the opportunity to find ways to sustain their own existence. The golf course needs to be privatized; let someone who wants to create a business plan take it over and pay Stillwater for the use of the facilities, not Stillwater loaning the golf course $2.5 million to stay in business. Give the money to Kaw pipeline to restore the money we need to replace it.

3. What suggestions do you have to promote a more harmonious atmosphere in city government?

Our current City Council has a lot of underling turmoil due to recall attempts, frivolous law suits (many of them), and general bad blood between some of the council. A change of the program is required, a new face, someone who listens and cares for the people and their rights. I am that change. I love to discover areas that need input and to work around the solution in order to accommodate all or most of the need. I may even suggest bring sack lunches from home and switching before the Monday meeting, to lighten up the environment we are planning to go into.

4. What issues/points of view set you apart from your opponents?

I am not a politician, I am a long term business woman with lots of management and customer service skills. I listen, learn then react with the information provided to create options that better suit all involved. I truly care about Stillwater and I am not one of the "Good old Boys", I have invested in the Stillwater market with my home and business, I want to see Stillwater make it to the next level, not continue in this rut.

On the Campaign Trail

Thanks to all you made it out to the Meet and Greet.

Ms Gibbs shown taking questions at the event:

Ms. Gibbs

Civic Concerns:

Ms. Gibbs shown below addressing Stillwater City Council on how to get a bigger bang for the buck on auditing. Video from Feb. 21st here.

Ms. Gibbs at City Council Meeting

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