My Concerns for the Upcoming City Council Term:

  • Many citizens can be counted on to form opinions and to be eager to share their opinions in open meetings on virtually every topic that comes up for discussion. I respect these traits, and respect these citizens that are willing to stand for what they believe is right and just. The city council chamber should be the place for the expressing of these opinions in an open format with listening councilors who will acknowledge citizen input and include it in their decision making process. I am concerned about the unwillingness to listen demonstrated in recent council sessions.

  • I am concerned about changes in emergency services and how the city handles emergency services employees. These citizens put their own safety second in assuring the safety of our families, homes and businesses. There has been a lack of listening when it comes to this issue, and I, for one, feel that decisions related to these services need strong public input and even a public ballot measure to ensure our government reflects the will of the citizens.

  • I am concerned about the integrity of our municipal water supply. I am concerned that funds voted to address routine maintenance of this vital system are not now available. I look forward to receiving additional citizen input on ideas that will help alleviate this critical issue.

  • In conclusion, in 2001, the City of Stillwater paid a Nashville, Tennessee firm to develop the Comprehensive Community Development Plan. I believe that Stillwater can benefit from using this work, which had heavy citizen input, as a template for future planning.

On the Campaign Trail

Thanks to all you made it out to the Meet and Greet.

Ms Gibbs shown taking questions at the event:

Ms. Gibbs

Civic Concerns

Ms. Gibbs shown below addressing Stillwater City Council on how to get a bigger bang for the buck on auditing.

Ms. Gibbs at City Council Meeting